This week’s ranking on SBS Inkygayo for February 12, 2012

MC hari ini : Nicole, IU, Goo Hara

This week’s Mutizen Song : Se7en “When I Can’t Sing”

This week’s Take Seven :
#2. MBLAQ “This is War”
#3. Rainbow Pixie “Hoi Hoi”
#4. Teen Top “Crazy”
#5. Se7en “When I Can’t Sing”
#6. FTIsland “Severely”
#7. SunnyHill “Grasshopper Song”

Comeback Special :
#1. Davichi ; I will Think of You

Hot Debut : SPICA “Russian Roulette”

Goodbye Stage : Boyfriend “I’ll Be There”, Rainbow Pixie “Hoi Hoi”

Inkygayo Campaign Song : Dal Shabet “Low-Carbon Campaign Song”

Minggu Ini yang hadir adalah Wink, ChAOS, LED Apple, J-Cera, Lee Hyun, Ailee, Fat Cat,MARIO, Rainbow Pixie, Brian Joo, Boyfriend, SPICA, SunnyHill, B.A.P, T-ARA, Teen Top, Davichi, MBLAQ, FTIsland and Se7en.


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